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Dear Tumblr:

I once was a man who was bored with Facebook.  I thought to myself "Wow, this is kind of lame, no?  Reading what everybody I’ve ever met had for lunch, or what sports team they hate, or what movies they kind of like, or who they’re dating… Its all so goddamn boring!"  I had some things I wanted to just write, just to get it off of my chest and look at it.  I couldn’t do it on Facebook, because everyone on Facebook knows me.  To them, I am not  person, or even a mind or a soul; I am a profile pic. 

I asked my friends, rather casually, if men blogged.  Everyone I know of who is a blogger happens to be female.  I didn’t want to end up doing something that is mostly meant for girls (no sexism here, its more like, if I bought a pair of sunglasses and the guy doesn’t tell me that they are lady glasses and I end up getting made fun of).  Eventually, I decided to stop talking and start doing.  I decided I wanted to write. 

I didn’t want to write on Facebook, because the “notes” section of Facebook isn’t very bloggish.  Instead, I just arbitrarily chose Tumblr.  Why Tumblr?  Why not any of the literally millions of other blog sites?  No reason.  I had never even seen a Tumblr until the day I signed up.  And so my blogging days were ahead of me.

…or so I thought.  You see, Tumblr is a very fascinating site.  It gives you the tools to create a rather intricate and organized blog.  At my fingertips I have everything I need to write and upload pictures and post links, and I could use all of these things to create a wonderful, thought-provoking, poignant, riveting blog.  Or, if I wanted to, I could use all of the tools that Tumblr offers and create a corny, tacky, unoriginal, thieving, re-blogged-to-death eyesore riddled with .gif files of cats and lame outdated pop culture references.

It seems that I chose the former, and so many other people chose the latter.  Which, after much research, led me to a very scary conclusion:

Tumblr is the new MySpace.

Those who use it properly and tastefully are overshadowed by those who use it like a faux-trendy 15-year-old fat girl.  And after a while, MySpace realized this and began to cater specifically to the idiots and retards who would do nothing more than post and repost lolcats.  I am afraid that Tumblr may very soon suffer the same fate.

And so, with that all being said, I hereby resign from Tumblr and the Tumblr community.  The few of you who followed me, I thank you.  Most of you were worth following.  I noticed that a few of you are from my home state, that’s neat, I suppose.  Probably not 602, but nice nonetheless.  Perhaps we will run into one another in real life, but I won’t hold my breath.  Tumblr, for the most part, has been nice to me, although its not yet worthy of calling itself a community.  Its more like an online High School Lunch Break.  Yeah, I think that best sums up my time here.

I’m not going to delete my account, but I am not going to be writing here anymore.  I’ll probably still end up checking it once in a while, you know, out of curiosity and boredom. 



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